Chamilia beads are made of 925 Nickel-free sterling silver, (so people with metal allergies can wear them ), 14kt gold and Swarovski Crystals. Chamilia beads will fit on any major brand bead bracelet such as Pandora, Troll, Biagi, etc. (except Brighton).  We receive new beads every quarter and many opportunities for free gifts with purchase throughout the year. Find the perfect setting for your expressive design – try a bangle or leather wrap bracelet or a sterling silver adjustable necklace – then let your story be told! We are also a Chamilia Shop-In-Shop location and carry the largest selection of beads on the south plains.  If we don’t have the bead you want in stock, we are happy to order it for you.

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Puppy Love Labador Retriever

Proud to Serve

Wow Mom


Hero Star

Fall 2016 Collection

Beasty Gargoyle

Give Care

Give Love

Skeleton Key

Chamilia Iconic Hummingbird

Piggy Bank

Give Thanks

Origins Open Work Locket

Fall Bracelet

2010-3365 and 1210-0006




Chamilia Eiffel Tower

Home for the Holidays

Chamilia Holiday Bracelet

Red Haired Girl With Pigtails

Chamilia Bangles

Chamilia Halloween Ideas

Chamilia 2210-0786

Chamilia Breast Cancer Awareness

Chamilia Little Bit Retro

Chamilia Initially Speaking

Chamilia Flowers of the Month All 12

Chamilia Rock and Roll

Chamilia Q2 15 Core SummerFun 050 (1)

Chamilia Q2 15 Core SeaSide 215

Chamilia Q2 15 Core Inspiration 160

Chamilia Q2 15 1311-0048 1320-0010

Chamilia Q2 15 1311-0027 1320-0007

Chamilia Q2 15 1311-0026 Group

Chamilia Q2 15 1311-0026 1320-0008

Chamilia Q2 15 1110-0037 v1

Chamilia Q2_15_1010-0104