Michou Mountain Snow Collection Snowflake Dangle Earring


Michou Mountain Snow Collection Dangling Snowflake Earrings Style # 176031.

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Product Description

Style # 176031. These dangle snowflake earrings are an essential part of your winter wardrobe! 100% handcrafted in Sterling Silver and 22kt granulation details, these frosty beauties are from the Mountain Snow collection from Michou. Each gemstone featured in a Michou design is hand selected. These earrings feature what is called a Silver Plated Druzy and are a beautiful silvery black. We’ve seen a lot of jewelry that features Druzy Quartz, but never ones that sparkle like the ones featured in these earrings! These druzy have incredible fire and depth. You won’t want to miss the matching pendant style # 176032 also featured on our website.

We are so impressed with the delicateness of the snowflakes, and this earring features two. Just like their natural form, these snowflakes are very detailed. You can tell that the artisans who hand make all of the pieces in the Michou line take their craft to the highest level – which is one of the reasons Michou is referred to as “Art to Wear”. I have worn these earrings myself and am amazed at how comfortable they are to wear – not heavy, although they do have a larger surface area earring back that holds the earring on the ear securely and in the position it should be.

Each snowflake is accented with 22kt gold vermeil using an ancient technique called Granulation. Granulation is when small grains of silver are fused to a solid plate of silver. They are attached only at the point of contact. This is a technique that dates back to the Etruscans and has been perfected in traditional Balinese jewelry. Silver wire is cut into small bits and then torched so that the bits become spheres. The spheres are then sorted by size through a sifter. Once the granules are sorted they are applied to the piece being made.