Michou Pink & Moonstone Ribbon Dance Necklace


From Michou’s Ribbon Dance Collection, this graceful, yet bold necklace features blue chalcedony, rose de France layered quartz, pink topaz, amethyst, and rainbow layered quartz.  100% handcrafted in sterling silver and 22kt gold vermeil. Free Gift Wrap.


Product Description

This piece features pink topaz, blue chalcedony, rose de France layered quartz, amethyst, and rainbow moonstone layered quartz set in sterling silver and 22kt gold vermeil.  Free Gift Wrap.

This graceful, yet bold necklace features a pearlescent satin finish which is achieved by etching small criss-cross lines onto the surface of the silver or gold.  This gives the piece a soft, rich feel.  Michou’s satin finish was created to resemble mother of pearl.  The silver is swirled by hand witha fine steel brush in order to create concentric patterns.

Gold Vermeil is applied in an electroplating process.  Microns of 22kt gold are deposited onto a sterling silver surface.  the process is intricate in that all details that are not gold have to be painted with a masking solution in order to protect the silver from the gold being deposited on it’s surface.  Vermeil is the official industry designation for heavy gold electroplating over a base of sterling silver material.  A minimum thickness of 2 microns of gold must be deposited before it can be a true vermeil.  Michou used 22kt gold to a thickness of 3 microns.http://michoujewelry.com/

Surround yourself with the mesmerizing ribbon dance collection inspired by the graceful and hypnotic ripple of ribbons used by tumblers performing a combination of ballet, gymnastics, and dance.  Ingenious touches of twirling folding movement becomes a fresh and joyous expression of both modern and romantic sensibilities.

Highly polished ribbons twirl amid the shimmer of rainbow moonstone layered quartz, blue chalcedony, and faceted raspberry and pink topaz and create a sophisticated yet playfully modern feel.

Classic Michou scrollwork and oxidized flat discs contrast each other while adorning swirling ribbons that set off the shimmer of onyx layered quartz and raspberry quartz.  Striking all metal pieces feature the interplay of gold and silver in romantic pieces.

Ribbon dance is the perfect bridge between Enchanted Garden, Iridescence, and Timeless Scrolls.