Our Services

The jewelry experts at Diamontrigue in Lubbock have more to offer than selling you high quality jewelry. Diamontrigue is proud to offer a wide variety of jewelry services including remodeling, jewelry repairs, cleaning, and repurposing existing pieces. Choosing Diamontrigue means choosing a jeweler that practices top-quality care for you and your jewelry. Read more about our services below:

Jewelry Remodeling

From a complete redesign to a small modification, Diamontrigue can take your idea and put it into action. Take those treasures out of the drawer and bring them to us. We can work together to create a new treasure that fits you and your style.

Jewelry Cleaning

Jewelry is meant to enhance you and your personality. Don’t let a dull and dirty ring bring you down. Diamontrigue’s jewelry cleaning servicethe shine back in any piece of jewelry so you can wear it with pride and confidence. will help get your treasure back to looking it’s best, and tell you secrets to keeping it that way so you can wear it with pride and confidence.

Jewelry Repairs

Diamontrigue is blessed to work with master jeweler for repairs. We are happy to provide an estimate first and options to make your treasure wearable again.

Jewelry Repurposing

Have old jewelry laying around you don’t wear, but is sentimental to you? Bring it by Diamontrigue and we can explore options to repurpose it into a new beautiful jewelry creation. Stop by Diamontrigue for more information on how we can take you old and unwanted jewelry into a masterpiece.